Las Vegas Swim Academy has designed a curriculum and achievement levels that are developmentally appropriate.  We do not believe that your child should be taught a skill that we later will be required to undo in order for them to swim properly.  These skills build upon each other until your child is able to competently swim all four of the competitive swimming strokes plus the elementary backstroke.  To achieve each of the following levels, your child should be able complete the following main skill for each level as well as the other skills that make up each level.

Baby & Me – Parent and child class
Non-Floater (Jellyfish) – Comfortable putting face in the water, participates in class
Beginner (Starfish) – Assisted floats and beginning air exchange
Beginner 1 (Lobster) – Floats independently and beginning motor skills (kicking and arm movement 5- 10 feet)
Beginner 2 (Duck) – Swims 20 feet independently
Super Beginner 2 (Fish) – Swims 50 feet independently with consistent air exchange
Beginner 3 (Frog) – Swims 50 feet of freestyle independently with side breathing, back kicking 20 feet
Intermediate 1 (Orca) – Swims elementary backstroke and competitive backstroke 20 feet each
Intermediate 2 (Shark) – Swims butterfly 20 feet
Advanced (Dolphin) – Swims breaststroke 20 feet and the other 4 strokes 50 feet
Swim Team (Seal) – Swims all 4 competitive strokes efficiently, flip turns, survival skills