20 Minute Private – One-on-one instruction.  Because the lessons are one-on-one, we pack quite a bit of instruction into this time span and much of the instruction will be learned and retained.  Cost is $200 for 8 lessons.  For children 18 months old and older.

Baby & Me Group – For children 6 months to 2 years old.  There are 8 classes held twice a week for four weeks.  An adult accompanies each child in the class.  Classes are 30 minutes long.  Cost is $120 for 8 lessons.  Baby and Me classes will be offered:

Session 1 & 2:
Monday/Wednesday at 3:00 PM (4 weeks)
Session 3 & 4:
Tuesday/Thursday at 8:00 AM (4 weeks)
Fall: 4:00 PM on Wednesday

Swim Team Group – These classes are group lessons.  Students must be at least 5 years old and must have completed the Intermediate I level.  The lessons are 45 minutes long depending on age and ability.  Lessons are once per week for 8 weeks.  Cost is $120 for the eight-week session.  This year, the swim team group will be offered during the fall lessons at 5:00 PM.

Swim Diapers
If your child is not toilet trained, please have them wear non-disposable swim diapers for their lessons.  The disposable swim diapers are not designed well and easily leak.  Reusable swim diapers have tight elastic at the waist and the legs.  Appropriate swim diapers can be purchased at Babies-R-Us, Target or at Las Vegas Swim Academy.  We sell them here for $10.

Registration Fee – There is a $20 per family per year registration fee.